The 5th and 6th Grade children play from 8:30 until 9:30 and the 7th Grade children play from 9:30 until 10:30. The first half of each session consists of Skills & Drills, the other half is a match.

The Skills & Drills session ensures that all children have contact with the ball. It teaches basic ball skills that are age appropriate. These sessions are based on ball exercises put together by WaiBop following the Whole of Football plan that is being implemented throughout New Zealand. The matches consist of small teams playing each other ensuring that children learn to pass to each other and all get time with the ball. 

There may be the odd session that we are joined by another club for 7th Grade sessions; this is to add a bit of variety to the morning’s session.

We do not have a compulsory uniform at this age.  The Waipuna black socks and shorts are recommended, but only optional at the moment. Shin pads are compulsory. Children can play in football boots or sand shoes, as long as there are no metal studs. Club shirts are lent to the players for the season.




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